Hard No-Bake molds, induction melting and 3D CAD tooling design

Hard No-Bake Molds, Induction Melting and 3D CAD Design

Resin bonded sand molding is the most flexible and most reliable sand process for heavy and complex castings. Hard molds from legacy tooling or inexpensive new tooling improve solidification and tolerances for heavy castings and castings with complex coring. New tooling made by CNC milling urethane tooling board and small batch induction melting enable rapid development of new production castings.


  • Phenolic Urethane No Bake (PUNB) cope and drag molding. 600 lb./min. continuous mixer. Mechanized roll over and draw.
  • Manual jolt-squeeze green sand molding. Typical flasks 12×20, 14×14, 14×18, 14×19 (Hunter HMP10)

Electric Induction Melting

  • 700kw induction melting with two 2,000 lb. tilt pour furnaces. Maximum melt per day is 8,000 lbs
  • Ductile iron treatment and pouring up to 600 lbs. per ladle
  • Gray iron pouring up to 800 lbs. per ladle

CNC Pattern Making

  • 3D CAD/CAM and CNC milling patterns and core boxes
  • 3D CAD with Solidworks
  • CNC toolpath with FeatureCAM
The combination of traditional foundry methods and advanced digital design and additive manufacturing techniques provides the most cost effective solution regardless of volume or complexity. OK Foundry has developed state of the art digital design and 3D printing workflows for new casting tooling or patternless casting. Traditional foundry patterns are the least expensive tooling for heavier less complex castings.


  • Tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation measurement on site to ASTM A48, A536, and E8 standards
  • Chemical analysis, metallographic and microstructure analysis by third party labs
  • Thermal analysis of every heat to determine Total Carbon and Silicon

Traditional Foundry Pattern Making

  • Traditional foundry pattern making in wood
  • Pattern reproduction in high strength castable urethane
  • Reverse engineering of patterns to replace missing coreboxes

3D Printed Mold Design

  • 3D CAD design of 3D printed molds and cores
  • Manual jolt-squeeze green sand molding. Typical flasks 12×20, 14×14, 14×18, 14×19 (Hunter HMP10)