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Hard No-Bake molds, induction melting and 3D CAD tooling design


Electric Induction Melting

CNC Pattern Making

Hard No-Bake Molds and 3D CAD Tooling for Complex Castings

No-Bake molding with resin bonded sand is the most flexible and reliable sand process for complex castings. Hard resin bonded sand molds are made with the least expensive tooling or any legacy foundry tooling with minimal re-rigging costs.
OK Foundry Makes Rapid Foundry Patterns by CNC Milling Urethane Tooling Board


Traditional Foundry Pattern Making

3D Printed Mold Design

Additive Manufacturing and 3D CAD Design

OK Foundry uses the most advanced additive manufacturing processes and 3D CAD design to solve difficult complex casting problems. 3D printed sand cores enable difficult castings in low volumes with minimal tooling costs.
3D Printed Molds and Cores Enable Complex Castings