Gray and Ductile Iron Sand Castings for Engineering and Architectural Applications

Engineering Castings

OK Foundry supplies gray and ductile iron sand castings to makers of general industrial equipment from 1 to 500 lbs. in size and a wide range of applications.  With a complete pattern shop and 3D CAD design capabilities OK Foundry can develop a sand cast solution for most applications in gray or ductile iron.

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Architectural Castings

Architectural iron castings from OK Foundry are used in diverse applications ranging from structural ductile iron castings for DOT projects to accurate reproductions of historical castings on landmark buildings.  Using traditional pattern and mold making techniques or advanced digital reproduction, new designs and historic cast iron can be reproduced or restored accurately.

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Pattern Making

O.K. Foundry has a complete pattern shop on premises for traditional foundry pattern and mold making and also uses advanced digital pattern fabrication technologies like 3D CAD/CAM, CNC machining, and 3D printing to build foundry patterns or even patternless processes.

No Bake Molding

A resin bonded sand molding process (No Bake) is used to mold large, heavy, or complicated castings. Our resin bonded molding line is easy to tool for flexible casting of large short run castings.

Green Sand Squeezer Molding

Green sand squeezer molding is used to make smaller castings with a finer finish. Our manual green sand squeezers economically produce small castings in quantities of 10 to 1,000 pieces.

Historic Restoration

Almost any iron casting can be reproduced by our skilled pattern makers and foundrymen. O.K. Foundry has provided accurate reproductions of historical castings for some of the largest restoration projects.

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