Engineering Casting Inquiries

Engineering casting inquiries are handled directly by the foundry management and owners which might take more time to get back to you, but guarantees that our advice and quotes are the best we can provide. For us to evaluate your casting requirement for pricing and delivery; engineering drawings, casting volumes, and material type requirements can be sent to our main e-mail address. 2D casting drawings are preferable for evaluation and pricing as 3D models do not include key information about machined surfaces and tolerancing.
Phone: 804-233-9674
Fax: 804-233-6240


Architectural Casting Inquiries

Our dedicated architectural casting project management office is ready to talk to you about your project.  Call us on the dedicated project support line or send us an e-mail to get started. Please include any images, drawings, or other description of your casting requirements by e-mail to help us evaluate your casting.
Phone: 888-RIC-IRON (888-592-2240)
Fax: 804-233-6240