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Contact us to get a quotation or discuss your options directly with experienced foundrymen. Your inquiry is reviewed by the owners and managers of OK Foundry, at the foundry.

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Call us at OK Foundry to discuss your casting requirements. We’re not always at the phone, but we’ll get your message and call you back.


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Send us an e-mail and include your drawings, weights, volumes and metals if you want a quotation. All of our e-mails are reviewed by experienced foundrymen who can answer your questions.

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About Quotations

Send pictures of your tooling!

OK Foundry can run many kinds of existing or older tooling. If you already have foundry patterns and core boxes, we can quote castings with minimal rigging charges if we know the condition and configuration of the tooling. Old tooling is not necessarily a problem and old tooling that worked, is a great start for making any casting.  But, we need to know how it is rigged.

Annual volume estimates and order quantities are critical!

Foundry tooling design and process design are very volume dependent, as well as the commercial implications of volume. Designing and offering a feasible and competitive solution for casting depends greatly on volume. We understand that volumes are hard to predict, but often just knowing whether 1, 10, 100 or 1,000 or even 10,000 castings are required makes a huge difference. Or, just describe our situation, we’ll advise accordingly.

Obsolete and spare part castings.

OK Foundry has a very efficient process for short run castings, but even our small scale needs volume to be profitable.  If you have a few volume castings to combine with your spare part or obsolete castings, we can design a program to offset many sparse volume parts against a few “good” castings. It is not feasible for us to just look at your problem castings and develop a solution that is mutually beneficial.

For small businesses who have critical castings needs, but very low volumes, we can often work something out.