Architectural Cast Iron

Architectural Cast Iron

ArchitecturalInlineAO. K. Foundry Company is a full service iron foundry providing custom architectural iron castings for new installations and restoration of historical cast iron. Our foundry pattern makers can reproduce architectural iron castings from drawings or salvaged original pieces for accurate reproductions or sensitive restorations.

Almost any casting can be reproduced by the skilled artisans at OK Foundry. To support your new designs OK Foundry provides complete design and engineering support for new castings. Let OK Foundry show you how sand castings can be used in your project.

Contact OK Foundry for all your custom casting of ornamental and architectural iron.

Gallery of OK Foundry Projects

The gallery below shows some of the castings OK Foundry has made for architectural applications. OK Foundry has supplied gray and ductile iron for some of the most demanding historical restorations and new installations.