About Us

O. K. Foundry Co., Inc.

Continuously improving sand casting technology and preserving traditional foundry know-how since 1912

O. K. Foundry Company, Incorporated was founded by James N. O’Neil Sr. in 1912 to supply Richmond’s railroad, industrial and agricultural equipment companies with made to order cast iron. OK Foundry was incorporated in 1956 as a Commonwealth of Virginia Corporation and is wholly owned and operated by the O’Neil family today.

James N. O’Neil Jr., Jimmy, built the current foundry at 1005 Commerce Rd. in 1947. That foundry was built with the most advanced foundry process and equipment at the time and since then OK Foundry has upgraded every process when a better more advanced method was available for short run gray and ductile iron castings.

Gallery of images from Hull Street foundry built in 1913 and the current foundry built 1947