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Custom Architectural Castings

3D Printed Sand Mold Castings

3D Printed Sand Molds Enable Complex Castings Without Tooling

3D Printed Sand Mold Design and Pouring

3D Printed Sand Molds for Complex Cores

OK Foundry designs and pours 3D printed sand molds for complex short run iron castings and serial production of castings requiring 3D printed cores. 3D printed molds and cores are an economical solution for short run castings having multiple cores, complex cores, or difficult cores.

3D CAD Design

OK Foundry has complete 3D CAD/CAM design capabilities including the latest version of Solidworks to design 3D printed sand molds and cores.  

3D printed sand mold design for elevator reel casting
1926 Alvis cylinder head casting from 3d printed sand mold

Mechanical Engineering Services for Casting Design

To make highly complex one-off prototype or antique engine castings feasible, OK Foundry works with Hunter Mechanical Design, LLC for casting and 3D printed mold design. Hunter Mechanical Design has developed expert 3D printed mold design skills working with OK Foundry on challenging casting projects like antique engine blocks and cylinder heads, and Hunter can provide complete Mechanical Engineering support including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 2D and 3D engineering drawings for casting, machining and assembly for complete subcontracting of manufacturing engineering support.

3D Printed Sand Mold Galleries

Castings from 3D Printed Sand Molds

OK Foundry has been designing and pouring 3D printed sand molds since 2012, just two years after ExOne introduced the S-Max sand printer in 2010. Since that time, we have continuously improved our ability to design and pour 3D printed sand molds and cores to solve unique casting problems. 

1912 Velie Engine Block

OK Foundry reverse engineered a 1912 Velie engine block and poured a new casting from 3D printed sand molds and cores. Laser scanning of the block was performed by Direct Dimensions, Inc. and the casting and printed molds were designed by OK Foundry. The Velie engine block had tight water jacket passages that required complex coring and to economically cast one engine block that was engineered over 100 years ago was a challenge only possible using 3D printed cores and molds and the foundry know-how of OK Foundry, also over 100 years in the making.